An recovering artist dives into the scary unknown…

In Vitro Lemonade 6″x6″ oil on canvas board by Barbara Ramp 2017
As I dive into the scary unknown… eek.
I am an artist. I have been an artist as long as I can remember. But I have had a life of fitful starts and sudden stops when it comes to creating art. It took until I was 40 years old before I could call myself an artist, out loud. It is my passion, my child, my frustration, my joy.

Some time ago, I stumbled onto the Daily Painting movement. (Daily painting? Sweet Mother of All That Is Holy- that sounds frightening!) Which is exactly why I am beginning it. It has been a very long time since I painted anything. Seriously, I had real, important excuses! My parents were elderly and needed help. My business needed me. My laundry was piling up. Really, I can’t paint right now! Despite my life of uncreative importance. The siren called… all the time. I got very good at ignoring her song.    Until today. Day 1 of Daily Painting Adventure was today. How did it go, you ask? Here are my mental blurbs..

  • “How the hell have I forgotten how to paint?”
  • “I used to be good at this! “
  • “I duplicated a John Singer Sargent, why can’t I paint this blasted lemon 🍋? “
  • “Breathe, Barbara… you’re not curing cancer!”

I painted a lemon. Quick and loose. Small format so I would have no damned excuses to not finish. I am proud of this damned lemon. Why? (It’s not a John Singer Sargent.. no.)  I did it despite forgetting my skills, and I shared it with all of you. That is flipping brave. Go, me! Thanks for reading this. And staring at my quick lemon. It’s a beginning of an adventure. Want to buy this luscious lemon? Click to Buy

“In Vitro Lemonade” 6″x6″ on on canvas board. Copyright 2017 Barbara Ramp


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