Sometimes painting is like having children…

I am no expert on all artistic creation, or what it is like to have children.

That being said, I feel like all art is a bit like (what I believe ) giving birth, parenting, raising and letting a child go into the world must be like. There’s the idea phase, the-holed-up-in-your-studio/pregnancy phase, the “seeing your creation come to life” phase, and the day you let it go off into the big world day. This is how I feel about some paintings. Today I let one of my “kids” go to their new home. I will miss looking into this dear sweet pup’s eyes, but I know how much it will be loved by the new owners. They lost their sweet boy a year ago, and I know firsthand how that is an ache, that that never really goes away. So I was honored to give them a bit of a reminder of his goofy, silly self.


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